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Winston Thundersky LIFEYPO4 solar lithium batteries for solar systems 3.2V 300ah Single Cell

- 2022-12-01 -

Discription of Winston 300Ah LifePo4 Battery:

Thunder Sky Winston Battery is a high power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. the voltage of each cell is 3.2volt. the capacity is 300 Ampere Hour. Thunder Sky Winston Lithium Ion Battery with a high capacity from 40AH to 10000AH, the batteries can be widely used in Energy Storage System, EV, UPS and so on. Our Lithium Ion Battery have a excellent performance, high stability and long life time.

Winston Battery has become a world leader in Lithium Iron Phosphate for power applications. These batteries are sturdy, with a lifespan measured over 5000 cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge). We use these batteries for traction applications (EV, industry, etc..) But also for stationary batteries (Off Grid, Smart Grid, standalone applications, etc..).

Lithium Iron Phosphate cells are used in self-consumption projects requiring high capacity. The high energy stored in these cells also allows traction for heavy vehicles (truck, industrial machinery, marine applications, etc.

Data of Winston TSWB-300AHA(B) /TSWB-300AHA(A)LifePO4 Battery