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Which material can be used by color felt wholesaler?

Many high-end gift box manufacturers habits as the main raw material of the gift box with MDF color felt wholesaler advantage Obviously, the most important is good strength, not easily deformed, can be slotted after the production of finished products, refined style, but MDF after all, or industrial sheet shortcomings more obvious the biggest feature is not environmentally friendly MDF formaldehyde content is too high, serious harm to health, and are generally not used in food packaging.

But this disadvantage of MDF almost the color felt wholesaler are not clear , a result the Yantai factory First, because of the lack of understanding of their own reasons for MDF to the aesthetics of the product , almost right customers illustrate this point , so some customer reaction MDF taste long time not to flavor, is for this reason , the formaldehyde.

Industrial cardboard : relatively pollution-free green products allow color felt wholesaler to rest assured , generally used for food , clothing gift box packaging , but the disadvantages are also obvious industrial cardboard is absorbent , and thus the strength is poor capacity deformation phenomenon , in particular the larger the area, the more serious the deformation .

Double gray board, the hardness of the worst, but the cost is lower, generally applicable to the jewelry box like the A-box.