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What is the current development situation of EVA foam wholesaler?

Product grades , single and irrational structure of most new product development and technology promotion is not strong , EVA foam wholesaler cannot be quickly applied to the production of scientific and technological achievements , resulting in a single industry product updates slow , high-grade , performance cartons The product is still in short supply.

In addition, our corrugated boxes to the amount of double – watt five cardboard largest single watts three cardboard accounted for 89.4% of the total product, double – watt five cardboard accounted for 9.1% of the total product.

Small proportion of China’s single- watt, resulting in a serious waste of transportation, raw material consumption is too large.

The one hand, due to the low intensity of domestic corrugated paper and cardboard , the other is due to poor the EVA foam wholesaler and transportation conditions , causing the user to a lack of confidence in the use of the three – layer corrugated boxes .

Corrugated box business is in the regional EVA foam wholesaler uneven distribution of three regional sections of large enterprise groups, the lack of industry leadership position on behalf of the level of development of the industry as a whole.