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What are the materials using condition for color paper wholesale

In January , China ‘s wood pulp , waste paper and paperboard imports year-on-year in the amount of quantity, value and unit price levels , showing a full recovery situation .

Of wood pulp, waste paper and paperboard imports in January a total of 3.747 million tons , an increase of 31.2% . Addition to the ordinary color paper wholesale and sulphite wood pulp the two varieties imports down, the other varieties imports by different ranges upward.

Ordinary mechanical wood pulp imports only 194.5 tons , down 83.06% ; sulphite wood pulp imported 2,092.8 tons , a year-on-year decrease of 75.29% . Chemical wood pulp imports in January number of pick-up the fastest, at 14.6 million tons , an increase of 91.73% ; waste paper imported 2,517,500 tons , an increase of 41.95% ; other fiber pulp imported 5,528.6 tons , an increase of 13.17%.

In January , imports of color paper wholesale , waste paper and paperboard amount of the total value of $ 1.35 billion , an increase of 23.8% , and is in addition to the ordinary mechanical wood pulp , sulphite wood pulp and other fiber pulp import value of a reduction in the amount , the remaining varieties The amount of the value of imports are increasing .