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QNBBM lithium titanate battery balancer Yinlong LTO battery equalizer for car audio battery pack audio

- 2022-12-13 -

Product Paramenters
Battery Capacity limited
Working voltage
1.8-5V (2V lead acid battery and lithium battery)

4V-9V (6V lead acid battery)
9V-15V (12V lead acid battery)
Power consumption
< 50mW per 1S
Voltage difference & Blance current
300mV-1A &  1V –3A
Working efficiency
BMS limited
Can work with BMS or working independently
Battery count limited

At least balance 2 cells
Battery type limited
Lead acid , LiFePo4, LiMnO4 etc

AGM, GEL, Flooded battery and so on
Balance method
Energy transfer/Dynamic
Voltage difference after using
< 10mV

< 30Mv(12V lead acid)
Working temperature
-40℃ ~ +80℃
Storage temperature
-40℃ ~ +100℃

Products Description

Advantages for QNBBM 1S single active lithium battery active balancer for battery protection lifespan with patent

1. Keep the voltage difference of each cell within 10mv.

2. Extend the battery span life 2-3times. Without capacity & voltage & battery type limitation .

3. Your best battery pack protector. Perfect combination with BMS Let’s Save cost from now
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