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More than 3000 cycles lithium battery cells CATL 3.2V 280Ah lifepo4 Rechargeable battery

- 2022-12-13 -

Catl 3.2V 280ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Solar Battery High Power Rechargeable Battery for Forklift Boat Solar DIY Pack
Normal capacity
Normal voltage
Standard Charging voltage
Internal resistance
Standard charge method
0.5C constant current charge to 3.65V for cell
Standard discharge current
Max discharge current(continues)
Cell size
Cycle life
3500 times


1.The battery is CATL 280Ah , Brand new, stud design

2.The busbars size:90*20*2mm(cooper plated with nickel) Screw size:M6

3.We will test all the battery Voltage ,Internal resistance and capacity before delivery

4. All battery will good packing, use thicker carton box and foam, safer is more important.
Brand New CATL 3.2V LiFePO4 280ah Battery cell for Forklift Boat Solar DIY Pack

Brand new, good for solar DIY pack, home energy storage, slow speed EV, Forklift……….

We also have smart BMS if u need it can buy together , which can help u save a lot shipping fee.
BMS support Bluetooth, RS485 and CAN communicate, from 3S-32S, 10A TO 500A.
below is the client feedback, he bought battery, BMS and battery box together from us, satisfied with it.