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LiFePO4 Winston Thunder Sky battery packs Lithium 100 Ah 3.2v

- 2022-12-19 -

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LiFePO4 Winston Thunder Sky Battery PACK Lithium 100 Ah 3.2v
Winston LYP battery’s cathode active material is made by fluorine compound and rare earth, and the anode active material is made by nanometer carbon fiber and artificial graphite. Therefor in the large current charge, it can mantian its original molecular structure. Make the crystal lattice solid, have resistance to impact and sustain a long life.
Model: TSWB-LY100AHA
Demension: 143*67*218mm
Operating Voltage: 2.8v-4.0v
Internal Risistance: ≤0.3mΩ
Constant discharge current: ≤3CA
Peak discharge current: ≤10CA
Max charge current: 1200A(CA)
Standard charge/discharge current: 200A(0.5CA)
Cycle life: (80%DOD) ≥5000times
(70%DOD) ≥7000times