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In stock!!! CATL 234AH Full Capacity Rechargeable 3.7v li ion ncm battery for EV E-bike Electric Car

- 2022-12-13 -

Large Capacity New 234ah CATL NMC Cells Prismatic catl solar battery cells With Accessories free busbar

Long Cycle 2000 Times NCM Litium Batteries Rechargeable Nmc 3.7V 153ah Battery for bike Electric Motorcycle


1. High capacity and stable discharge voltage
2. Longer working time with high performance 3. Light weight with small size
4. Outstanding discharge properties and small internal resistance
5. No memory effect, good discharge ability and high load and resist high temperature
6. Pollution free for environmental protection 7. 100% Authentic original li-ion rechargeable battery
8. Bulid in anti-explosion protection and circuit protection