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Hot sell cheap server rack 48V lifepo4 50ah 100ah 150AH 200AH poweredge server rack cabinet for ESS power station solar telecom

- 2022-11-29 -

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Popular Deligreen OEM 48V 50AH 100AH 150AH 200AH server rack rails network cabinet sever rack for solar plant ESS

Nominal Capacity
Minimum Capacity
Nominal Voltage
Charge Voltage
Discharge cut-off voltage
Charge Method
Standard Charge Current
Max. Charge Current
Cycle Life
4000 times, 80% DOD
Internal Impedance
RS485/RS232/CAN(Support OEM)
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1.Safety Precautions

1) It is very important and necessary to read the user manual carefully (in the accessories)before installing or using battery.Failure to do so or to follow any of the instructions or warnings in this document can result in electrical shock, serious injury,or death,or can damage battery,potentially rendering it inoperable. 2)If the battery is stored for long time,it is required to charge them every six months,and the SOC should be no less than 90%; 3)Battery needs to be recharged within 12 hours,after fully discharged; 4)Do not expose cable outside; 5)All the battery terminals must be disconnected for maintenance; 6)Please contact the supplier within 24 hours if there is some thing abnormal. 7)Do not use cleaning solvents to clean battery; 8)Do not expose battery to flammable or harsh chemicals or vapors; 9)Do not paint any part of battery,include any internal or external components; 10)Do not connect battery with PV solar wiring directly; 11)The warranty claims are excluded for direct or indirect damage due to items above. 12)Any foreign object is prohibited to insert into any part of battery.

Equipment Interface Instruction

CAN CAN Communication Terminal: (RJ45 port) follow CAN protocol (Baud Rate: 500K), for output batteries information. RS485 R485 Communication Terminal: (RJ45 port) follow RS 485 protocol (Baud Rate: 9600 or115200), for output batteries information. CAN– 8P8C vertical RJ45 socket RS485– 8P8C vertical RJ45 socket Dry Contact Terminal Dry Contact Terminal: provided 1 way input and 3 ways output dry contact signal. Power Terminals Power c able terminals: there are two pair of terminals with same function, one connect to equipment, the other one paralleling to other battery module for capacity expanding. For ea ch single module, each terminal c an achieve charging and discharging function. For power c able uses water-proofed connectors. It must keep pressing this Lock Button while pulling out the power plug.

Installation A.Put battery modules into cabinet and connect the cables: