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Grade A Lifepo4 3.2V Cell LF230 lifepo4 230ah prismatic lithium cell for Solar System EV Boat

- 2022-12-31 -

Normal capacity
Normal voltage
Work Voltage
Internal resistance
≤0.3 mΩ
Discharge ending voltage
2.5 ±0.05 V
Standard charging current
Absolute  Charging  Voltage
Maximum 3.8V
Maximum Pulse Discharging Current
(Short Pulse)


When battery temperature is below 50℃,  the maximum discharge can last 10s
Maximum Pulse Discharging Current
(Long Pulse)


Maximum duration: 3min

Cell dimensions

Thickness: 53.72±0.15mm

Length: 173.93±0.15mm
Height: 207.2±0.3mm
cycle life
4000 + times

Notes :

1.This item is CALB 3.2VLF230 230Ah battery , Grade A, Brand new with Intact QR code. Real capacity 240ah.REAL 4000TIMES DOD 80% 2.Free Busbars and bolts come with batteries,1pc battery will send one set busbar and bolt for free (e.g.,If buy 4pcs batteries ,we will send you 4pcs cells with 4 pcs busbars and 8pcs bolts)If need more ,please fell free to contact us . 3.The busbars size: 90*20*2mm (cooper plated with nickel) Screw size:M6 4.We will test Voltage ,Internal resistance for cells before delivery 5.Deligreen cooperated withEV E , CATL, LISHEN, CALB, REPT, Winston Yinglong batteries for more than 10 years . Fresh Stock for them ready to ship. Stock is King !!!