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Fast Ship smart BMS 8S 200A 24V LifePO4 BMS Blue tooth UART for 24V BMS lifepo4 from EU warehouse

- 2022-12-06 -

Clearance Sale from EU warehouse

Smart 8S 200A with blue tooth function, only 60 pcs available.
BMS will be sent from Deligreen EU warehouse.
Shipping free, 3-5 days.
More types are available in EU :4S/16S 200A -250A BMS
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Products Name
Smart BMS 4S 200A 12V LifePO4 BMS Bluetooth APP SOC UART for 12V LifePO4 Smart Bms For Solar Storage
Key Words
BMS With RS485/Modbus/CAN/Blue tooth/UART/Fan BMS
3.2V rated LiFepo4, 3.7V rated LiMn2O4, and Li-polymer etc
Custom Service
LOGO/Charge Current
1 Year
Delivery time
3-5 Days
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