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Factory power wall mount 48V 51.2V 100ah 200ah 300ah 400ah 5KWH 10KWH 20KWH deep cycle energy storage battery

- 2022-12-26 -

Wholesale wall mount 48V 51..2V 100ah 200ah 300ah 400ah 5KWH 10KWH 20KWH wall mounted energy storage battery

When the natural disaster coming, no electricity, will makes your life in trouble?
When the electricity bill higher and higher, will your life in trouble?
When there is no oil, no gas, how will you and your family live in the cold winter ?

The things changed so quickly, energy crisis is obviously, choose a replacement new energy is a trend.
Deligreen can help you for your home solar and energy storage system.
This is new launched model, 5.12KWH and 10.24KWH power wall, longer cycle life, safer grade A battery cells.

The batteryqueen wall mount battery pack can be as a good backup power, when natural disaster coming, you dont need to worry the
Electricity, support max connecting 16P, 80KWH
Its helps you energy independence, cool!