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Energy transfer 3.2V/3.7V Lithium Battery active Balancer/Equalizer batterie balance With CE Certificate Long Warrant

- 2022-12-16 -

Product Description

Two main methods for battery cell charge balancing: passive and active balancing.
The natural method of passive balancing a string of cells in series can be used only for lead-acid and nickel-based batteries. Active balancing method can be used for all types of batteries, but is effective for a small number of cells in series.

The active balancing method is based on the active transport of the energy among the cells. This balancing method does not depend on
the chemical characteristics of the cells, and can be used for most types of modern batteries.
This voltage balancer does not waste energy in resistors; it transfers the coulombs from a strong cell to a weak cell.

This is ideal for electric vehicles to prolong its battery cycle life by preventing cell over/under charging; promoting
cost-effective sustainable transportation.

Batteries are expensive, this project will help any diy electric vehicle battery to last longer.

Battery capacity limited
Battery count limited
2S~unlimited                            At least balance 2 cells

Working voltage

1.8V~5V (2V lead acid battery and lithium battery)4V~9V (6V lead acid battery)
9V~15V (12V lead acid battery and lithium battery)

Battery type limited

LiFePo4, LiMnO4 etc

AGM, Gel, Flooded battery and so on.

Power consumption
<50mW per 1s
Balance method
Energy transfer/ Dynamic
Voltage difference VS Balance current
300mV — 1A1V — 3A
Voltage difference after using
< 10mV

< 30mV(12V lead acid)
Working efficiency
> 94%
Working temperature
40℃ ~ +80℃
BMS limited
Can work with BMS or Wordking independently
Storage temperature
-40℃ ~ +100℃

1. Keep the voltage difference of each cell within 10mv.

2. Extend the battery span life 2-3times. Without capacity & voltage & battery type limitation .

3. Your best battery pack protector. Perfect combination with BMS Let’s Save cost from now.

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