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A grade Yinlong LTO 66160H 40AH for EV boat CAR AUDIO HIFI

- 2023-01-04 -

Diameter: 66mm +- 1.0mm

Height:    161mm+-1.0mm
Operating Temperature
Humidity: ≤85%RH
Rated capacity
Rated voltage
Way of charge
Standard charge current
(10s)Maximum Pulse
Max charge voltage





1. Fast Charing and Discharging;

The ratio property of the battery material is determined by the ionic conductivity and the electronic conductivity. 
The lithium ion diffusion coefficient of Lithium titanate material is several hundred times higher than that of graphite, which can make the battery have 10C high rate charge-discharge performance.

2.High Safety:

Graphite carbon negative electrode series, carbon negative electrode, potential and lithium standard potential is very close, battery overcharge, Metal Lithium May in carbon negative electrode surface precipitation and formed Lithium Dendrite, Short circuit and other safety problems. 
The graphite carbon anode series formed SEI (solid electrolyte, plasma membrane) at the interface of electrolyte when it was working, and the Sei film had poor high temperature stability. However, lithium titanate materials do not form Sei film in the traditional sense, so the stability is better.

3. Wide Voltage(-50℃ ~ +60℃):

High Lithium Ion diffusivity makes lithium titanate charge and discharge normally at low temperature, and high temperature stability, which makes lithium titanate safe and safe at high temperature. 
The lithium titanate battery can be fully charged and discharged in a wide temperature range of-50 °C ~ + 60 °C. Batteries in other lithium-ion chemical systems can hardly be charged at temperatures below zero.

4.Longer Lifespan(Lifecycles≥25000 times):

The structure of Lithium titanate is spinel. The lattice parameter of Lithium titanate increases from 0.836 to 0.837 ΜM (1 nm 10 ΜM) , the volume change is only 0.3% , and the structure of lithium titanate has little change Good cycle stability. 
In the process of charging and discharging of graphite materials, the volume change rate is 10% , long-term circulation, graphite pulverization, leading to the deterioration of cycle life.