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A-grade Lithium Ion 3.2 V 200ah 12v Prismatic Rechargeable Lifepo4

- 2022-12-16 -

Nominal Capacity
Operation  Voltage
Charge-Discharge Current
≤ 3CA
7.9kg +_200g
361 x 55.2 x 256mm
Energy density
10+ years
Sel-Discharge Rate
≤ 1%(Month)
1.LYP type of battery is ideally used as a mobile power source and energy storage device. 2. This type of battery has excellent safety performance and cycle life. 3. When the battery case temperature is below 85 degrees, this type of batteries can accept a fast charge and discharge under 3CA current.


for 10+ Years Lifespan Thunder Sky Winston LiFeYPO4 3.2V 40ah battery for solar energy storage


1.Safe and Reliable High level of safety, never explode,can be over charged or discharged, need BMS

2. Energy Density High energy density, now density is 3 times of lead-acid battery.
3. Long Life Can be charged and discharged repeatedly over 7000 times, life can reach up more than 20 years. The most cost effective in the lithium ion battery industry.
4. Green and Environmental Friendly Manufacturing, using and recycling are all friendly to the environment.
5. Mature Technology Automatic production procedure R&D all by ourselves, in line with lATF 16949, and past CE tested.
6. Reasonable Price