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4s Lithium Active Equalizer Lifepo4,lto Gell 18650 Diy Lipo Protection Circuit Module For Lto Battery Pack Lifepo4 Bms 70a

- 2022-12-13 -

4S 12V Lithium Active Battery Equalizer Module for LIFEPO4,LTO GELL 18650 DIY Battery Pack:

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Parameter of Deligreen Battery Equalizer:

Features of Deligreen Battery Equalizer:


Online Working       To blance during charge,discharge,storage
Dynamic equalizing:       To prevent batteries out of balancing all the time
Engery transfer:       Transfer energy from higher voltage cell to lower ones
Maintenance and recovery:       To Keep normal batteries at a good condiction ,recover the  backwards ones
Sharing capacity:       Let the power  flow from one cell to another and share them among the cells
Simple installation:       Connect the balancer together then connect to battery+ and battery-
Independent:       No affect to battery pack wiring,no impact to charging and discharging