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3.2V 280AH Brand New Version Lifepo4 Grade A Fully Matched DIY Rechargeable Battery Pack EU US Tax Free With Busbars

- 2022-12-31 -

Brand New 3.2V lifepo4 battery cells 280ah lifepo4 lfp 3.2v cells battery for eve 280ah for solar home energy storage

4pcs/6pcs carton all is ok.

NOTE!!! Kindly remind for Deligreen 280 battery cell:

1. Brand new, A Grade, QR code intact

2. Latest produced on 2021

3. Busbars, bolts and nults all included—Deligreen gifts

4. Voltage , IR(Inner resistance ) tested before shipment, we suggest u need to top balance it after u got it because long time shipment.

5. Custom foam and with UN box or safer boxes, safer packing

6. 3 years warranty, if u also buy active balancer from us, we can prolong warranty to 5 years, we are confident for the baalncer.

7. Stud terminal or screw terminal, M6

Normal capacity
Normal voltage
Charging voltage
3.65 ±0.05 V
Internal resistance
Discharge ending voltage
2.5 ±0.05 V
Standard charging current
Standard discharge current
Max charge current
Max discharge current

Cell dimensions

Thickness: 71.5+-0.5mm

Length: 173.6+-0.3mm
Height: 204.8+-0.5mm
Cycle life
3500 times